Ili Parolas Esperanton

Bona tezo de Plotki ~ Rumours from around the Bloc

Zsofia Korody is a teacher at one of the most prestigious full grammar schools in Hungary. Vanildo Siller, a tourism expert from Brazil, is currently enjoying cycling through London and earning some money at a hotel to fund his coming studies in Paris. Jean Codjo is from Benin. When he is not doing any research, he paints colourful traditional scenes from Benin onto black cloth.

Jarek Miklasz, from Bydgoszcz, Poland, works as a civil engineer. Saeed Ahmad is a Pakistani journalist and writer. Anders Grop, a bass player from Sweden, is now looking for a band to join in Berlin. The Swedish-born Professor Bengt-Arne Wickstroem teaches economics at Berlin's Humboldt-University . His son, David-Emil, is studying musicology and Scandinavian studies. Gavan Fantom from England is just finishing his informatics studies. Renato Corsetti works as a psycholinguist at the "La Sapienza"-University in Rome.

What do all these people have in common?

Ili parolas Esperanton

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