Ajnaj Ligiloj

Kiel bezonas la internacian lingvon?

Esperanto was a ‘quango language’ developed in some vain attempt create a generic language we could all use. It failed

Kompreble, mi malkonsentas.

Ĉu vi parolas Esperanton?
Hmmm.... Interesting concept, though I have a hard time believing it will ever be anything more than a hobby.
These days, most countries are trying to preserve their cultural identities and encouraging people to learn one that supposedly can be spoken by anybody seems a bit a of a stretch.

Kiel malkomprenado! Esperanto ne estas anstataŭo de naciaj lingvojn. Estas plua lingvo.

Nia espero de paco
The basic idea of Esperanto is about tolerance and respect for people of diverse nations and cultures. Communication is indeed the essential part of understanding each other, and if that communication happens through a neutral language, that can help the feeling that we 'meet' on equal grounds and respect for one another.

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