Esperanto en Ĉinio

Jen interesa (angla) artikolo: Geoff in Nanjing :: Weekend Work

But the truly eye-popping surprise was Esperanto. I always knew what Esperanto is but I never thought I would ever live to see it used at all, let alone used as a real language of conversation. I was dead wrong. The faculty staff speak Esperanto, not English, amongst each other. Of all the classes taught this weekend, mine (English) were easily (and understandably) the largest. But number two was Esperanto. Number two! Then followed by everything else. I had, until recently, absolutely no idea, not the foggiest, that Esperanto had any real currency. Wrong.

Ŝajnas ke Esperanto estas tre ĝenerala en Ĉinio. Vere, estas la internacia lingvo.


mankso said...

Were you then not aware of the fact that Radio China International, just like Radio Polonia and Radio Vaticana, has been broadcasting in Esperanto daily for many years?:

Richard Hall said...

Yes, I knew that. Kind of gives the lie to the idea that Esperanto is of no use outside Europe, doesn't it?